At time, The Apollo Stars, a musical group Launched by Hubbard and made up entirely of shipbound members of The ocean Org, was giving free of charge on-pier concerts in an attempt to encourage Scientology, along with the riot happened at a single of such functions. Hubbard decided to relocate again to The us to ascertain a "land base" for The ocean… Read More

The massive Typhoon-course sub named Dmitry Donskoy is to go away the White Sea and vacation about Norway and Denmark into what Putin's officers are calling NATO's swimming pool. Measuring 574-foot in length and Geared up with a complete of 200 fatal weapons, it can be One of the more feared vessels on the Cold War period. The Kremlin is scheduled … Read More

“The process of induction is so extended and sluggish that you truly do persuade on your own of the reality of Some things which don’t sound right,” Haggis informed me. Even though he refused to specify the contents of O.T. materials, on the ground that it offended Scientologists, he claimed, “If they’d sprung this stuff on me when I 1st … Read More

Baha'is have achieved this standing partially by means of their around the globe geographical unfold and increasing numbers, and partially by regularly insisting that they are in truth the "newest world faith."How is classification done for official govt figures? It is vital to notice that facts for the scale of assorted religions within a offered … Read More

A "Purification Heart" stands near the lake and is utilized to administer Scientology's Purification Rundown program to employees on the base. Nearby is really a now-overgrown circular feature which was formerly useful for the "Functioning Program",[two] ostensibly Section of the Purification Rundown but reportedly employed from time to time as a p… Read More